UGloss-AF High-Gloss Urethane Top Coat For automotive floor, exteroirs and areas of frequent chemical exposure UGloss-AF is an extremely chemical-resistant, high-gloss,, solvent-based urethane top coat specially formulated for use on floors where vehicles, equipment, heavy traffic and frequent exposure to chemicals are present. UGloss-AF may also be used outdoors to top UCoat on patios and walkways.  Adding the UGloss-AF top coat over the basic UCoat epoxy system provides additional durability, resistance to wear and tear, UV stability and  light reflection. Matching UGloss-AF to your UCoat base colour allows for richer colour and ease of application. UGloss-AF Clear can be used when a “transparent” top coat is needed to seal and allow floor graphics ( such as vinyl logos ) or decorative multi-coloured aggregates ( such as UFlek flakes or URock ) to show through to the surface. UGloss-AF colours are commonly used for safety enhancements such as traffic striping. UGloss-AF Kits tyical coverage is 400-576 sq. ft. and extender double pack  kits can add more coverage of 400-576 sq.ft. and extender single pack kits can add small coverage of 200-288 sq.ft. to cover large area.
UGloss - AF Kits
UGloss-AF Kits
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