UFlek-AF High Gloss Decorative Urethane Top Coat For automotive floor, exteriors and areas of frequent chemical exposure The UCoat with UFlek-AF ststem is a three coat system featuring the UCoat water based epoxy with UGloss- AF solvent based polyurthane top coat. UFlek-AF includes a boadcast of UFlek multi-colour vinyl flakes sealed with our specially formulated solvent-based urethane UGloss-AF . Using the UFlek-AF top coat over the basic UCoat epoxy system provides additional durability, reistance to wear and tear. UV stabillty and increased light reflection. The added element of the UFlek colours flakes is not only for decorative purposes, but can create a visual pattern which helps outdoors to top coat UCoat on patios and walkways. Each UFlek-AF Kit includes one jug of flakes - enough for a light-to-mediun broadcast . Additional UFlek flakes jugs may be purchased for a heavier broadcast or custom colour mix.
UFlek-AF Kit
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