UCoat it can be used as a standalone, solid satin finish finish on either automotive or non-automotive areas, or as the bonding base for all of our high-gloss urethane top coat system. All UCoat it top coat system will begin with the application of UCoat epoxy floor coating. UCoat is a two-component, water based, high-performance epoxy coating. Being water based, there is virtually no odor. It is durable more so than most solvent based epoxies. Ucoat is also moisture insensitve. There is no drying time needed after cleaning and preparing the concrete floor.The UCoat system is applied with a ½ nap roller and brush in two coats. The bond coat is applied directly to a dampened surface, allowing  UCoat to flow and penetrate the porous concrete or wood. This process creates a permanent bonding layer that is embedded within the cement or wood substrate itself, rather than drying on the surface like a film. The UCoat finish coat is applied after the bond coat is dry to the touch. Suitable for commercial, industrial or residential use, UCoat offers exceptional chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and superior adhesion properties without the objectionable solvent odors associated with other products. It stands up to moisture, welding spatter, motor fluids, hot tire, jack stands and creeper. Includes our lifetime warranty against lifting, peeling  and hot tire pickup. With the application of UTex the anti-slip additive included in every kit makes your floor safe to walk on even when wet. Best of all the do-it yourself system allowing the average home or business owner the ability to apply a true, commercial-grade floor coating for fraction of the cost of professional installtion. Each kit is designed to cover up to 24’ X 24” area  or up to 570 sq ft or a typical two car garage of smooth concrete, Material-only extender packs are available for larger areas. Kits come complete with all the materials necessary to properly apply your new floor coating system
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