Ad UClad High-Build, Self-Leveling Epoxy Resurfacer For automotive floor, exteriors and interior and areas of frequent chemical exposure UClad is ahigh-build, self-leveling epoxy floor kit. The mixed material is poured directly out of the mixing bucket and spreads out with a squeegee to smooth over rough, damaged or worn surfaces. It also provides greater resistance to heavy duty use in mechanical ares or professional repair facilties. UClad is an odor-free, non- combustible product for interior and exterior use on concrete and wood floor surface. UClad requires abonding base and typically applied between the bond and finish coats of the UCoat system. It may be top coated with UGloss or UGloss-AF if desired. If used in an exterior area , a top coat of UGloss-AF, UFlek-AF or UGlaze is recommended to prevent chalking of the surface. UClad may be applied safely up to 30mils or more in trouble spots. When applying the entire surface is desirable, otherwise a noticeable surface texture difference will be present if used only in sections.
UClad System
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