Infinity  Colour Quartz Aggregate For use with all UCoat it coating systems Infinity is a multi-coat broadcast floor coating containing UCoat, UClad, URock aggregate and a Ugloss-AF top coat. Infinity is a quartz aggregate that is broadcast by hand as heavily or lightly as desired while rolling UClad system . First you need a base coat of Ucoat system then UClad and aggregate dry. Then apply a top coat of UGloss or UGloss-AF clear top coat system for a decorative aggregate finish . You may add two or more UGloss or UCloss-AF coating for a more deep or richer look and protection. Although URock granules are larger than Utex granules, they have a rounded sharp that allows for a less aggressive bite. URock is typically used as an alternative to UTex in area where the floor come in contact with bare feet like locker room and living area  or for paws like pet kennels . When using URock as an anti-slip potion UGloss-AF urthane top coat is recommended.
Infinity System
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