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Thunder Road Floor Coating Solutions is a division of Thunder Road Racing

UCoat System

The UCoat system is a two coat, water based epoxy floor coating that exhibits excellent characteristics that rival any solvent based product. Being industrail quality , UCoat is chemical resistant against oil, gas and brake fluid while offering excellent abrasion resistance. Since UCoat is water bassed , it has very little odor, is non-flammable and is easy to clean making it a go-to  product for virtually any concrete or wood substrate.



UCoat with UGloss-AF System 

The Ucoat with UGloss-AF system is three coat system containing two coats of our UCoat water based epoxy and a top coat of our UGloss-AF solvent based ployurethane Feature of this system include flexibillty of  1 /8 “ mandrel, chemical and abrasion resistance and a high gloss finish. The UGloss-AF top coat is available in a solid finish or a clear finish allowing for floor graphics , striping or decorative flakes.



UCoat with UFlek-AF System

The UCoat with UFlek-AF system is three coat system featuring our Ucoat water based epoxy, UGloss- AF solvent based polyurethane top coat and our UFlek flakes . This system will provide a decorative, high gloss finish hiding minor imperfection in the substrate, while maintaining a chemical and abrasion resistant surface. With over 60 colours and avilable custom blends, our UFlek-AF system compliments any decor UltraLife System UCoat it ULtraLife is a multi-layered epoxy / urethane floor coating system that exhibits exceptional hiding characteristics along with superior chemical and abrasion resistance . ULtraLife incorporates our UCoat epoxy , UFlek decorative flakes and UGloss-AF urethane. A UCoat it ULtraLife system retains all protective quaities  of a UCoat epoxy floor with the added benefits of multiple coats of UGloss-AF urethane topcoat. Infinity System Infinity is a multi-coat broadcast floor coating system containing, UCoat, UClad, URock aggregate and a UGloss-AF top coat. This system is excellent for show rooms, lobby area or high traffic area that require a decorative, non-slip finish. The infinity system can be built up with multiple coats of UClad to increase film thickness and create a smooth finish. This system also provides excellent abrasion and chemical resistance in heavy duty work area.  UClad-LV System The UClad system is a two coat system featuring our UPrime water based epoxy primer and UClad-LV high epoxy floor coating . The UClad-LV system is a 100 % solids coating providing a high gloss finish and excellent abrassion and chemical resistance. This system can be built up 121 - 16 mils thick when dry with multiple coats to increase film thickness and to fill voids in substrate



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