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Thunder Road Floor Coating Solutions is a division of Thunder Road Racing


UClean is the ideal product for maintaining your UCoat It floor . UClean is a pH-balanced, synthetic, all- purpose cleaner guaranteed never to dull, haze or leave behind an oily film. When used on hard, high- gloss surfaces, the soil-busting ingredients emulsify all oil-based soils. Soils are suspended and easily wipe free of the surface being cleaned. Safe for uses on all UCoat it finishes,



UDegrease is a powerful degreasing agent that is useful in preparing an entire area for a UCoat floor coating system. Simply dilute with water to the desired strength, apply to the floor, thoroughly agitate with a broom and rinse completely. UDegrease can also be used to remove some waxy residues left behind by water-washable paint strippers after removing an old coating or paint.


USolv USolv is a powerful. yet natural, extreme duty degreaser designed for concrete floor preparation where areas are stained and oil-saturated. Applied directly to the soiled areas, USolv penetrates and emulsifies the contaminants that would otherwise prevent the bonding of the UCoat it floor coating system. Even thought USolv is powerful, it can be used with confidence around children and pets.



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